Prizren 1

Pictures from the city of Prizren, Kosovo.  I walked through most of the city and took pictures of the buildings, people, vendors and general condition of the area.  You can also see the landscape and surrounding area.  As with most of the larger cities it is actually quite vibrant and filled with activity, despite the cold weather.  In Kosovo, Prizren is a good place to travel to and visit.  The city is clean, the people friendly and there are plenty of good restaurants available.  Within the town are plenty of shops with vendors offering handmade crafts made from a variety of materials including pewter, copper, wood and other locally available materials.   I walked up into an ancient fortress that overlooks the city and took a bunch of pictures.  I think the Turks built is centuries ago and it lies mostly in ruins today.  The perimeter walls are somewhat intact and I walked the top of the walls.


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