Caen France

So on one of my trips to France I ended up staying at the Hotel Kyriad Caen Sud in Caen, France. Looking on a map it looked like it wouldn’t be much trouble to make my way into the city center and it was close to a highway so I checked in. It’s a decent hotel for the price, I was close to a store and getting to the downtown area was quite easy.

I love to walk around cities and get a feel for the culture, people, sites to see, food, you name it. I spend several hours wandering around the downtown, window shopping, visiting some churches and cathedrals. One in particular which I remember is called Abbey of Saint-Étienne and although I didn’t get in, I did walk the surrounding area and grounds. If you take a look at my other sites, you’ll see the place is huge and since I felt quite a bit of time needed to be invested which I unfortunately didn’t have, I gave the place a cursory look.

It was early evening and I was more interested in locating a nice restaurant to enjoy some genuine French food. I inspected the menu of several and ended up at a table on a sidewalk eating sliced duck and a salad. It was a small place and probably seated 20 or so on the inside. The fact that it didn’t seem huge was appealing and this turned out to be a bonus as when it began to rain the manager came out and helped me bring everything inside. I quite enjoyed the experience and the interior of the place was quite homey and the other patrons all seemed friendly.

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