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The Middle East.  Talk about a place so different from western Europe and the United states it’s almost like another planet.  I landed in Kuwait during August and hot is a term I would use loosely as it is more like an oven.  Have you ever made lets say, cookies in an oven?  Remember when you opened the door and the hot air hit you in the face?  That’s what much of Kuwait is like in the summer as far as I can tell.  Wow, it’s hard to describe unless you’ve been there and I recommend you go at least once.  But, do a little research before-hand to become aware of the norms, what you should and shouldn’t do etc.  It is a strict muslim country and to avoid unintentionally offending someone be aware of how you dress, who you talk to and where you go.  You should consider visiting if for no other reason than to see how other cultures live, especially those where religion is woven so tightly into the functions of the government that for all intents it is the same entity.  Completely different than the west and entirely fascinating to see it.

Back to the part I recall so vividly.  There is so much sand, it seems to go on indefinitely in every direction, the scale is impressive to say the least. There are many places where you can drive for hours in any direction and see nothing but sand.  It is an awe inspiring adventure but be sure you take plenty of water and don’t go alone.

I spent a brief bit of time in the Udari desert doing various things and when looking at maps I saw it named, “Wasteland and No Man’s Land” and I have to tell you both are accurate descriptions.  The only life I saw when I was out there (aside from me) were a few camels that just appeared out of nowhere.  I was shocked to see them as there wasn’t anything for miles and they were just crossing the road like they owned the place, in no hurry at all. As I recall, one was white which made the sight even more interesting. I can’t believe anything can ever survive out there but I was told Bedouins are seen occasionally seen.  I can’t imagine living in such conditions but apparently there are people who do … they must be amazingly tough people.

Since I returned to the states I’ve heard of at least one race that takes place in this desert but whether that is true or not I’m uncertain.  I have however heard of foot and vehicle races across other deserts like the Sahara but not the one in Kuwait.  I assume there are people who will try it just to test themselves.

Anyhow, if you ever get the chance, go just to say you’ve seen it.

Did I mention I was in Iraq for a bit? Here is some of what I saw – Iraq


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