I’ve flown in to Arizona several times for various reasons and I generally like it although admittedly I’m not a huge fan of intense heat. Overall, I did enjoy the state during my trips and spent quite a bit of time in the Sierra Vista area on business and sightseeing. As I normally do when I travel, I visit a church or two and Arizona was no different.  You can see the Christian science society pictures and thoughts I posted on another page. Although I stayed at multiple hotels during my many stays, I only managed to get photos from the Double Tree in Tuscon but there are many great hotels to fit any budget if you look.

My airport of choice is Tuscon International due to its location to the place I normally travel which is southeast Arizona.  In case I didn’t mention it, the place is hot and is primarily burned out terrain with sagebrush and various plants that have adjusted to the lack of water and searing heat. It’s also quite rugged with jagged hills the highway winds through and offers some brilliant views despite the harshness of the terrain. Every place has aspects that make it attractive and southeast Arizona has them as well.  It’s close to the Mexican border, has parks, and vacation spots as well as history.

One of my trips took me to Tombstone … Yes, that Tombstone.  You’ve probably heard of it as the place has turned up in multiple movies over time and is still maintained to its historical glory.  There are plenty of souvenir stores to browse as it is an enormous tourist destination and the day I drove over was no exception.  The streets were lined with people who showed up in buses and cars.  I couldn’t believe it, (well, yes I actually can) but you can watch a re-enactment of the shootout at the OK Corral.  I was busy looking around the town and visiting recreated historical places of interest and heard the gunfire which brought me over in front of the place to see what all the commotion was.  I also saw plenty of gunslingers walking around providing entertainment for the tourists and excitement for the kids.  It’s a rather small place and the attractions are concentrated in basically one area so seeing everything in one day is quite easy.  I managed to visit everything I found interesting in a few hours and was on my way back to Sierra Vista in the late afternoon.

If you’re looking for an artsy place with great food, Bisbee is the place for you. It’s a short drive from Sierra Vista and a nice looking, well maintained town with a great scenic drive. There are plenty of shops where local artists ply their trade and as I’ve no artistic ability at all, I found the place and the people utterly awe inspiring.  I ended up eating at a great Mexican restaurant in the center of town and the helpings were so large I couldn’t eat everything.  And, I’m told it was authentic Mexican fare not the prepackaged garbage that is passed off as Mexican by grocery stores and fast food joints. All made by hand for you from wholesome ingredients when you order. I love Mexican food and although I’ve never been to Mexico I took the owner’s word for it as the food was delicious.  There are many of these places in Bisbee so if you’re ever there, stop and eat something.

I did set aside one entire day and drove down to Nogales but decided not to cross the border as there had been a few incidents in the area and the border patrol was quite busy. The little I saw of Nogales appeared to be economically depressed,sort of run down and perhaps a bit of a no man’s land.  It’s just the way it felt to me though, you may have a different experience.  I ended up just driving around a bit and taking it all in while remaining in my car.  It was a day for a mobile tour and I ended up driving around the area for hours and hours.  I’m actually not sure where I drove other than to say I was able to remain in the United States.  It’s amazing some of the places people call home.  The houses were either clustered together and would not even constitute a village or they were miles from each other.  I saw a few houses that had to cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and it amazed me that someone would build such a thing miles from everywhere in the middle of sage brush and sand.  But, to each his own I guess.

I’ll cover the other areas I visited in more detail on the pages below, follow the links and be amazed.

Christian science society
Double Tree Hotel
SIerra vista

Here are some pictures from the Tuscon International Airport


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