Christian Science Church Benson

So I found this tiny town in the middle of nowhere, which is Arizona in a nutshell and drove by to see when it was open.  Noting the time I returned on the appointed day and walked in.  Did I mention the buildings in Arizona are designed to withstand the constant pummeling of the sun?  I drove to the town of Benson several times and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soul outside.  It has its beauty as the desert does and I actually like the place in a way… quiet, unassuming small town America.

Anyhow, back to the church.  It sits on a side street and is easy to find.  I walked in and a few ladies were seated inside preparing for the service. I introduced myself and had a nice conversation with them. The members are nice, welcoming and steadfast churchgoers, which I was happy to see.


I forgot to mention the outside of the building is yellow and the exterior appears to be well maintained with ample parking.  When you walk inside the main area is the first room and the lecterns on the left and seating for the congregation.  There’s also a nice reading room with plenty of literature.  It was a nice service and we sat in a group that day and everyone took turns reading from the lesson.  It was a nice service and afterwords I got to know the membership in attendance and was invited back for the Wednesday night service.

A nice place and if I’m ever in the area, I’ll stop by again to say high and attend their services.


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