Doubletree Tuscon

Someone wisely said, where you decide to stay during your holiday tour, can either make it or break it. That’s why, choosing a comfy and luxurious resort where you can enjoy your holiday with no hassles is really important. Thanks to Double Tree, a famous hotel in Arizona, which is known for its royal welcoming style, that I chose for my holiday trip. Not just the hotel staff, but the hotel itself was so amazing which would be hard to put in words, but my pictures will surely help you to know more.

The moment, I entered in the hotel, I was offered a sumptuous hot chocolate chip cookie as a welcoming gift, which really satisfied my sweet tooth. The lady at the reception handed over my room keys, which I had already booked to stay overnight.

When I plan a holiday jaunt, I always envision a room which is nestled in panoramic landscapes and a big pool that looks clear from the balcony. It would sound funny but as I opened my room, the first thing, I did was to glare at the outdoor views from my room’s window. And guess what, i was astonished to see the outdoor pool and whirlpool in a citrus tree-lined backyard. All these surprises, truly made all my holiday dreams come true.

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I was a little tired after the journey, so I decided to take a quick nap. The room was quite tranquil which really helped me to relax for a while. The mobile suddenly beeped in the evening and it made me realize, its the high time to go out. So, I got ready and planned to roam around the hotel only.

The expanse of the hotel encompasses around an area of 14 acres, comprising of a heated outdoor pool, tall standing citrus trees, a 24*7 gym, three tennis courts, a massage room and a gift shop. What else can be better off to spend an indoor holiday trip. Especially, in monsoons, when people look for something recreational, where they can enjoy while staying inside like in Hotel Double Tree.

After exploring the spectacular vistas and capturing them in my handy-cam, I had become an empty bellied person. Now, you would think, I will return to my room and have food there. Obviously not. Here in Double tree, dinner is a special treat. So, my buffet was ready at the Cactus Rose Steakhouse on a nicely decorated deck or if you go there, you can also try contemporary southwestern delicacies at Catina.

I had made some new buddies during dinner, so we all went to the guest room, where there was a big screen T.V, cool couches to wind up and Yeah! WiFi access too. We watched a short movie while enjoying a cup of hot cappuccino. Well, that was my choice, but people who want a bit more privacy, don’t worry, there is something special for you too- a unique casita. Here, you can also get your own kitchen, living room and a private deck too on request. In short, here you will get far more than you anticipate.


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