African American Festival

So, I saw an advertisement for an African American Festival in Detroit so I figured … Why not?  The day I went the place was basically packed but I was able to locate a parking spot relatively close.  I should add that the city of Detroit is really coming along, at least in the downtown area. It’s nice to see progress down there as it will be nice to eventually have an economically thriving, diverse city to have some fun it.

African American Festival  8-18-2012 6-02-021 African American Festival  8-18-2012 6-13-23 PM

The festival itself was centered around the African American History museum and there wee vendors lining both sides of the street hawking their wares.  I spent several hours wandering around, talking with the vendors, eating and taking pictures.  It turned out to be a nice time and since I was there anyhow, I looked around the area to see what was developing.

I may very well attend the festival as time permits in the future as I expect it to grow and become a part of the Detroit scene during the summers. P


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